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Many many news :-) I am very proud for my youngster LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů, she passed  Spurlaut test in A100 points, test winner. At international dog show Prague she obtained Excellent 3, behind Charmaine Grand Amity's daughter (congratulations to her breeder and owner!) KATMAI Grand Amity (picture) was very promising 1.

This weekend passed several our ofssprings ZV - Spurlaut test in Czech republic:
CHERRY Grand Amity - ZV II.pr. (162b.)
KOBUK Grand Amity (pictura)- ZV III.pr. (121b.)
KATMAI Grand Amity - ZV I.pr. (184b.)



Time for pre-selection control of exterier.  KATMAI and KOBUK Grand Amity and also our  LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů were found free of defects.
KOBUK Grand Amity

KATMAI Grand Amity

LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů



Weekend meeting with Kerry Black Grand Amity

Jessica Grand Amity was at the show Excellent 1, Junior winner, BOB Junior a BOS. Congratulations!


Yong dogs started at shows. Little Annz Ratíškovských vinohradů was twice time "very promising 1" - at international dog show and at Special show Holysov. 

NAt Special show Holysov was also KENT Grand Amity inbaby class very promising 1.



All puppies are in their new homes, so I make them personal pages. You can find it here: KENT , KERRY BLACK, KAN BLACK, KOBUK, KURO BLACK,  KATMAI . Unfortunatelly, we also have bad news, Kan tragically died after few days in Spain. 
Kent, with his new familly
  Kerry with his new friend Kit, celebrating New Year

Also Litlle Ann has her personal page.



Puppies frok litter "K" is ready to go to their new homes.
KOBUK                                                                                            KURO

Litter "K" has own page with pedigree.

pages of Litter "K"
And father's pedigree: http://kobeddus.chiens-de-france.com/teckel-poil-dur,kobeddus,pedigree-chien,ch-kobeddus-daikuro,6951_656904.html

7 weeks



ÉCLAIR Grand Amity obtained Excellent 1, best of veterans in veteran class at International dog show Ceske Budejovice. She is now Czech veteran champion, WUT veteran champion and slovak Club veteran champion

Puppies outside  - 6 weeks



Autumn is full of shows and trials. ÉCLAIR Grand Amity was Excellent 1 at regional shhow Dzban. INDIANA Grand Amity passed wildboar track trial - BZH in I. price, 181 points and JASPER Grand Amity (photo) was BhFK trial winner -  ZN 84points.

And puppies grows quickly




Great news from Jessica Grand Amity's owner. She was at dachshunds club shov Very promising 1, Best puppy. Judge Damjana Z. Svegejl
(Jessica and her mate Jerma)



We have lot of news:

INDIANA Grand Amity passed Blood track trial SchwhK (BZ) in  I. st price, 88 points

We have now familly member!  LITTLE ANN z Ratíškovských vinohradů. She will have her own page soon.

And we have puppies! 5 boys and 1 girl. Three boys are black and tan, others wildboar. We still have three boys available (one black and tan and two wildboar)

Puppies names: Kerry Black, Kiff Black, Kuro Black, Kobuk, Kent and girl Katmai.

2 weeks



JASPER Grand Amity was at special dog show in Jevicko excellent 3. With his mate Daissy ze šanovských polí finnished seccond in couple competition.

Also offsprings of Diana Grad Amity were there  - Bertold Ohnivá Čára very good and Bibiana ohnivá Čára - Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ and BIS junior!! Congratulations to breeders-owners.
Bibiana Ohnivá Čára

Bertold Ohnivá Čára

FRASER Grand Amity passed genetic test for  rcd - PRA with result normal/normal.

Oour friend and Fanika´s owner Ludek Kubanek is making these beautifull things. Usable as prices on shows and trials, friend´s birthday or kennel presenattion. If you are interested, see hos web pages: www.vypalovanedesky.eu



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