Owner: Linda LEHAROVA

res. CAC VDH
4x excellent
3x very good 

Fox - den specialist (norník)
ZV (Sp) II. price (152), scent 3, loudness 4
BZ (SchwhK) I. price (113), track 4
LZ (Vp) II. price (204), track 2
ZN (BhFK) (84) - 100% points
2x BL (contact BhfK) I.H. (64)
MFV - BL II.H (50) / II H (56)

Diana´s offsprings at Club show Jevicko - Bertold - very good, Bibiana - excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BIS junior

Bibiana Ohnivá Čára

Bertold Ohnivá Čára

Bertold Ohnivá Čára                              Bibiana Ohnivá Čára
(sire: Doctor vom Rominten)


ANNA Ohnivá Čára - Exc. 1, BOB in Spain

Anna's Pages here: http://perrosdeaguasblanquillas.blogspot.com/
Anna's video: http://www.youtube.com/user/edudoka#p/a/u/0/mUhZrAJ5yCc

AMOS Ohnivá Čára - statistik of fox and dachs hunting in Germany 2010 (2 foxes) http://www.dtk1888.de/_rec/downloads/uebersicht_bodenjagd_2010.pdf


Diana Grand Amity's son - ÁMOS Ohnivá čára  - 2x excellent, r. CAC VDH, Sp/J, Wa-T, BhFK95/J

ÁMOS Ohnivá Čára at club dachshund show

Ámos' video


DIANA Grand Amity - hunt for foxes

DIANA Grand Amity is  the mother fot the first time-


Diana Grand Amity at fox hunting in Leipzig

DIANA Grand Amity at dog show Leipzig

DIANA at contact BhfK in Slovakia

DIANA Grand AMity has new role in her familly :-)


 DIANA Grand Amity at club dachshund show and her first CAC


DIANA Grand Amity at international dog show in Brno

DIANA at dog show Kunratice




more pictures of Diana...

DIANA Grand Amity at Club dog show 2006

Surprise at Memorial - Arma's daughter DIANA came to keep fingers crossed

 DIANA after her first succesfull trace of fox

 DIANA is listening, when her masters are practising

with her mother Arma


half a year old

DIANA Grand Amity, alias BÁRA waking up in the morning

Diana - March 2006

DIANA in her new home

 DIANA 8 weeks