born on: 04.05.2002
  bonitace 1n/ARV/5  PRA/Cataracta neg. (07)
  breeder: Petr Bárta, Velká Polom, CZ


3rd BOG
2x BOB
WUT Champion
Champion CZ
Champion SK
Champion PL
Champion SLO
Winner of Slovakia
National winner (best bitch) - Lithuania
2x Best opposite sex (Polland)
2x Best veteran of breed
3x res. CACIB
5 x CWC
6 x CAC SK
res. CAC SK
res. CAC SLO
2 x res. CAC ČR
res. CAC HR
Regional winner
Best veteran
35 x excellent 

IACH - international working champion
ZV (Sp) I.c. (184), scent 4, loudness 4

HZ (St) I.c. (186), scent 4, loudness 4

BZH I.c. (221)
BZ (SchwhK) I.c. (100), blood track 4 - trial winner
LZ (Vp) I.c. (241), scent 4, loudness 4, blood track 4
MRK III.c., scent 3, loudness 3
ZN (BhFK) (84) - trial winner
BL I.V. (72), time 2:35
MSBL I.H. (64)/ II.H. (56)
MSBL I.D (72) / I.D. (72) time 1:36 (head), 6:34 (throat)
2x MRV I. (100), time 7:36, 8:00
Int. BhFK - Serbia I.c. (4+1) - time 0:38






MARTY z KozíčkuMarty a Megy z Kozíčku

Interchampion, Champion CZ, Champion SK, Juniorchampion CZ, BOG, 5x BOB, Club winner, bonitace 1m/ALV/5, PRA/Cataracta neg.
Norník, Diviačiar, ZV I.c., BZ I.c, HZ I.c., LZ I.c., MSBL I.H, ZN (84)

Siblings: MEGY z Kozíčku , Club winner, 4x BOB, 2x CACIB,  Norník, MSBL I.D,  a MONTE z Kozíčku , 2x CAJC, 3x CAC, 2x res. CACIB, MSBL II.H.

Best offsprings: 
ALBA z Mikulákova dvora - very good / Mem. J. Menšíka I.c. - CACT
ARGO od Baraního dolu (foto)  - excellent II., stud dog
ARNY od Baraního dolu (foto) - excellent, CAC / 3. v Mem. J. Menšíka
   ART z Mikulákova dvora - very good / 3. v Mem. J. Menšíka - stud dog 
BETTY z Rechte - excellent, CAC
BROČEK z Mojmírova domu (foto) - excellent, Regional winner
BRITA z Volarenských hvozdů - Champ. ČR, SK excellent, National winner, Club winner, 2 xCACIB, CAC at European dog show
   FIN z Ondřejnických lesů -
excellent, CAJC, stud dog
LAURA od Černých rytířů - excellent
LEXI od Černých rytířů - 3x excellent, BOB, CAJC, r. CAC, VTM
   MARTY ze Skřivánčí doliny -
norník, 2x CACIT, 3x MSBL I.c., davič, vyhaněč
   MUKI ze Skřivánčí doliny -
norník, 3x MSBL I.c., davič, vyhaněč
   OXY od Černých rytířů - norník, MSBL I.V /MSBL I.D
   TERA z Krštanskej záhrady - CAJC, BOB

DINA z Ondřejnických lesů

Very good
ZV I.c., BZ I.c., LZ I.c., Mem. Josefa Menšíka I.c., res. CACT, ZN (84)

dam of:       ARMA od Baraního dolu 
ARGO od Baraního dolu (foto)- excellent, stud dog
ARNY od Baraního dolu (foto)  - excellent CAC, stud dog

  • 2nd Dam:  ZORA od Řeky Lomnice  
    very good / ZV I.c., ZN (84), 2x MSBL I.c. (72), Norník, CACIT
            dam of:
    DELA z Ondřejnických lesů (foto)  - exc., 2x CAC
                         ENDY z Ondřejnických lesů -
    HEXA z Ondřejnických lesů (foto) - excellent, CAC, r. CAC

  • 3rd Dam: IVETA Staccato 
    - very good / ZV I.c., ZN (84)
            dam of: ZORKA od Řeky Lomnice - exc., dam of FIN z       Ondřejnických lesů (CAJC)   
    ZINA od Řeky Lomnice - exc., CAC, National winner, BOB
    LIVIE od Řeky Lomnice - excellent, MSBL I.V. (72) - norník 
    TERKA od Řeky Lomnice - excellent, dam of IVES od Řeky Lomnice - BOB, CACIB, CAC, ZORETKA od Řeky Lomnice - Nat. winner, res. CACIB, 2x res. CACT, winner of Mem. F. Hebedy, FERGI od Řeky Lomnice - Club winner, CACIB, Jch. ČR  


picture gallery

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ARMA and ARGO od Baraního dolu - 3 month

First dog show - International show Brno, February 2003 (V I., CAJC)


May 2003 - Arma


August 2003 - pictures for Dachshund club calendar (foto M. Novotný)


Autumn 2003 near Stechovice


Club dachshund show 2003 with brother ARNY and ARNY himself

National dog show - Buchloe 2003



Winter 2003/2004 


ARMA in June 2004 and on the way from Polland





ARMA in summer 2004




ARMA at international dog show Ljubljana - at the showplace and in a hotel room


Snowy days 2004/2005 





ARMA at dog shows 2005 and swimming at "Sunny Lakes" after show at Senec (SK)

 ARMA at the regional dog show in Polland

ARMA - 3rd BOG at Maribor and on the way home

CAC Lithuania- National winners ARMA, Doris Trias Duo and Meja Piccolo Gitano

ARMA with cup for CACIT - Hungaria

Arma a vyhlášení výsledků na MSBL
ARMA and me at MSBL

ARMA find game - training for SchwhK

Arma a Wilko v.d. Weidewiese
ARMA at Ondrejov - SchwhK

March 2006: another snow came instead spring weather. Our dachshund was very happy with it, especially Arma.

 April 2006: - international dog show Tata, Hungary

Arma find new friends in Hungary - welsh springer spaniel Crys z Chotuckych alejí and smooth dachshund Katynka z Hory Lejškova

ARMA - four years

ARMA on her way from Walbrzych - Polland

ARMA at LZ (Vp) trial - Tachov 2006

Club BhFK Lubina (Slovakia) 2006 - ARMA "arrested" by longhaired dachshunds from Amery, judges, Arma with CACIT-bowl

Rudolf Kristl Memorial 18.-20.8.2006

ARMA at MRK - trial is finished
(za fotky díky / for pictures thanks to:  M. Chodilové a L. Leharové)

ARMA - Int. dog show Maribor

ARMA on a hunt 2006

ARMA - Christmass 2006

 Arma on her wedding day at Vienna

 ARMA and her "husband" Voronoff at Ljubljana

Arma, show Ljubljana 2007

Travel to Ljubljana: italian windhund Aznavour, smooths Il Faro Fino Boh. and Bretagne Magic Seven and ARMA od Baraního dolu

Arma in 2009

Arma has celebrated her 7th birthday

Arma at Int. show Litomerice 2010 and National Mlada Boleslav 2010- Best veteran

Summer 2012

Pictures from Hungary and Serbia you can find  here
Pictures from vacation at Jizerske hory you can find 

Arma - 11 years old